Pluckley Conservatories

First Day Surveying the Site
Outside Toilet Existing Toilet to be incorporated into Conservatory Installation
Rear of House We are going to Raise the roof, keep watching
The Base 3/4 Brick Courses have been laid on a concrete footing, Hardcore and Cement, followed by a bed of sand. Damproof membrane, and Kingspan Insulation
Floor Insulation 50mm Kingspan, followed by a 100mm Cement oversite
Concrete Floor Concrete being poured and tampered
Base Finished Looking Good
Toilet Roof Removed The toilet floor to be raised, to the same height as the Conservatory and House, The next Job is to remove the old wooden window and building upwards
Toilet Room Concrete Base to be done in Toilet area after new soil pipe installed. More pictures soon
Thursday 12th Sept 2013 The Steps are completed
Steps Both Sides 400mm Depth
Toilet Brickwork Next Job the toilet roof, this will be next week,due to the cement hardening and drying
Home Time Surveying the Garden View, before going home
Toilet Timbers
Roof Tiles
Leanto Conservatory
Where`s the Glass
External rear view
New Toilet Installed
Lights Please
Front Entrance view