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Building Regulations were required on this construction, because we removed the Kitchen wall, installed 4.900 metre length Steel Lintel, which the new construction integrated with the Kitchen and became totally open plan

The Beginning Building Regulations, and the Building Inspector, played a major role during this construction
The Footings One metre Footing Required, and a new soakaway
Concrete Footing The width and depth, had to be checked and Inspected
Drainage New drainage was laid to accommodate rainwater
Concrete Base Damproof Membrane, 100mm Celetex Insulation, Concrete Float Floor
The Walls are Rising 100mm Cavity Insulated walls
Catnic Lintles Three Catnics were used over a single door, The high windows, and the Bi-Fold Doors
Breakthough Not Yet, But getting prepared, for a 4.900 metre Steel Lintle
Doorway The Bi-Fold Doorway is taking shape
The Timber Roof The Builders, have departed, and the Carpenters have started
The Roof Most of the Timber Beams are installed
Glass Fibre Roof Installed Hottest Day of The Year
Roof Framework Aluminium Bars
Bi-Fold Doors Installation of a four pane Bi-Fold Door, with a single transit door to right
Internal View
The End is in Sight
Blue Sky and Light
Plastering the Kitchen Ceiling
Roof Blinds
Floral Wallpaper Design
Single Door to Enclosed Hall
Door Blinds