Lantern Roof

Saturday 14th February 2015 2pm Roof Construction
Projecting Roof Never done this before, something different
Timber Roof Lantern Roof
Friday 13th February 2015 Lunchtime
Timber Surround Glass Lantern Heatshield roof
Thursday 12th February Early Morning, Still drink Tea at the moment
Steel Lintel and Catnic Due to the weight of the glass lantern, we have reinforced the roof with extra steel
Taking Shape Block internally, which will be plasterboarded and skimmed
Brick and Block Walls Up Up and Away
Wednesday 11th February Afternoon
Tuesday 10th February 2015 Lunchtime, Re-inforced steel for extra strength footings
Front Elevation Preparing for Brickwork
Monday 6th February 2015 Old Conservatory Removed and site cleared, Ashford Conservatories not responsible for installing House French Doors
Site Cleared Re-use Existing base
28th January 2015 Old Timber Conservatory, Watch The Transition
Side Elevation Roof Covering Tomorrow (Sunday) its so busy
Wednesday 18th February 2015 Frame Insulation
Frames going in
Frames in
Friday 20th February 2015 Window Glass Installed
Internal Plasterboard starting now
Plasterboard Plasterboarding on the upstand to the Lantern Roof
Plasterboard Back on Monday 23rd February 2015
Tuesday 24th February 2015 Lantern Roof
Lantern Roof External View, Heatshield Glass
Finished Externally The duration of construction was 14 Days
External View Plasterer doing finish coat today
Front Elevation view