Conservatory / Orangery

Creating the Footings
Concrete Footing
Walls and Piers
Left Elevation View
Front Elevation View
Right Elevation Piers to full height
Front Right Elevation
Front Elevation
Front Left Elevation
Left Elevation
Tannadised Timber Commencement of the roof structure
Front Elevation
Side View
Back Pillar View
Door Installation Commencement of Doors and Windows
Door Installation Commencement of Doors and Windows
Front and Side View
Front Elevation
Left Elevation View
Internal View
Internal View
Internal View Mark Working Hard
Glass Fibre Roof Installed The Glass Fibre is moulded to make a perfect fit, Looks Excellent
Front Elevation Aluminium Roof Bars
Left Elevation View The roof is taking shape
Rear Elevation Tilt & Turn Window, White Fascia above starting to be fitted
Glass Fibre Roof View Glass Fibre, Far Superior, Totally Water Tight
Left Elevation View White Fascia, appearing all round
Roof Corner View Roof Glass to be installed very soon
Front Elevation 1pm Friday, 29th April 2011, Roof Glass this Afternoon
Right Elevation View Glass Roof and Guttering
Right Elevation Glass Roof
Front Elevation External Trimming Complete
Front Elevation Looking Great
Left Elevation View Electricians are here tomorrow
Left Elevation View Black Guttering on White Fascia
Getting Plastered
The Finishing Touches
Right Elevation Internally
House Entrance Doors to be Installed
Internal Roof View
Garden Veiw
Window Sills MDF, Primed, and ready to be painted
Electric Sockets Awiating Second Fix on Monday 9th May 2011
Downlights Next Electrics to be complete on Monday 9th 2011
External View Completed Excellent, Customer Very pleased with the whole procedure and Installation
Plastering Completed Downlights Installed
Lights Please
The Chanderlier is Here A touch of Class Glass
Downlights all round
Internal Front View Awaiting the Painting
Chrome Handles
The Balcony View Where`s Romeo, Asked Juliet. in the Garden said Victoria in a posh voice, playing football with his dad
Finished I will return when the Timber Floor is Installed