Lightweight Tiled Roof

Autumn Brown Tiles We have removed polycarbonate sheets and replacing with Lightweight plastic Tiles
Construction Materials 150mm x 50mm Timbers, 18mm Sterling Board, Felt, with Breather membrane, Battons and Tiles, 80mm Celetex Insulation with 12.5mm Plasterboard, Skim Finish
Existing Conservatory - New Roof Remove Polycarbonate sheets and Bars, and replace with Lightweight Tiled Roof
Internal View Timbers and Sterling Board
Insulation Celetex with airflow above
Plasterboard Feeling much warmer already, and we hav,nt finished
A warmer room Finished tomorrow
External Trim Roof edging complete
Autumn Brown Tiled Roof Completed Lightweight Tiles are available in Five different colours, for further details please call
Internal Ceiling plastered
plastering almost completed Tidy up and finish, perfect Friday except for the rain and cold. 16th January 2015